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I respect your time and trust for that reason I will only give you material that I think will benefit you and not waste your time with filler.  This is for any person that wants to become a better trader!
  •  Long Term Trading: Learn to trade from Daily charts for the big market swings
  • Short Term Trading: Learn to SCALP the market for quick profits on low time frames
  • Chain Trading: Learn the art of consistent profits, winning trades are contagious! 
  •  News Trading: Learning the ins and outs of how to manage trading around news events
  •  SPECIAL OFFER: Members of this course will get a chance to purchase HIGHLY discounted one on one forex training sessions.
  •  Follow Up Support: This course comes with video updates with trade ideas and follow up webinars so you can enjoy ongoing support and learning.
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Well everyone, as a newby to trading, my first month was a little shaky to say the least ! Having said that, been doing alot of reading, video watching, having Jared as a mentor things have really gone well the last week or so! I give a lot of credit for my recent momentum to all of you on the telegram. 

I've learned to figure out what in the hell you guys are talking about when I follow along. Lol..Beginning to apply all if your methods and skills to my own trading! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your Group.....Bring on those PIPS.....

Oh ya , brought home +538 pips in the last day and a half....hopefully this contiues.....once again Thanks everyone !!! Happy trading
Charles H. Canada
I have been utilizing and learning from Jared Johnson’s coaching services for traders for some time already. I have found Jared to be a highly experienced and skilled trader as well as an insightful and effective teacher. Working with and learning from Jared helped me to decrease bias in my market analysis and to exercise a greater discipline in identifying and executing trades. I have also benefited immensely from bringing structure to a trading process and developing daily and weekly pre-market routines.

Overall, having Jared as a trading coach has been insightful and beneficial experience for me and I highly recommend Jared as a coach for anyone who aspire to become a disciplined, consistently profitable, professional trader.
Stan D. Georgia
Jared Johnson is a great coach! Without him and all his knowledge I would not have the confidence (that I currently have) in trading the markets. 

Being hooked up with Jared is the best thing that has happened to me. In my short trading career I have already experienced success. Scale of 1 to 10, he is a 10.
Rick T. Student
I have been affiliated with Jared Johnson since March, 2015 and have received coaching on pretty much a weekly basis since then. I started with Jared knowing virtually nothing about trading and feel that I now have a fair understanding of how the Forex market works and I am able to recognize trade setups that have a reasonable likelihood of being profitable. 

 Jared’s understanding of the market and how to predict market fluctuations is remarkable and I have learned a lot from our one-on-one sessions as well as from the group coaching sessions. Jared is extremely patient and will take whatever time necessary to explain the ins-and-outs of my individual trades or the group trades. I have been thrilled to be able to work with Jared and look forward to continuously improving as a Forex trader under Jared’s tutelage. I highly recommend Jared as an investment coach who is passionate about what he does, practices what he preaches, and truly cares about his client’s success.
Bruce H. Arizona
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