Exclusive Opportunity To Join Forces With DayTraders FX Live
I’m Looking For a Few Select Traders To Personally Train Over The Next 12 Months
You’ll Receive My Daily Live Trade Recommendations, Access To My Members Only Site, Daily Analysis And Live Weekly Webinars With Me. You'll Become One of My Exclusive Members.
From The Desk of Jared Johnson
For a very short period of time (hours to be exact), I have an amazing opportunity for you.

I’d like to offer you an opportunity to apply for my premium live trading group at DayTraders FX. 

This is a very limited group, that is why are are only taking applications at this point, we are looking for a very specific type of person. You don't have to be a professional trader but you do need to be the kind of person that is willing to learn and grow.

So if you are the right fit, then you can become part of a very small group of private traders and be personally mentored by me.

You’ll receive detailed instructions every single day of the exact trades that I’m making and get access to my members only website, live weekly webinars as well as access to have direct and personal contact with me.

But just to be clear, that this isn’t for everybody.

In fact, it might NOT right for you.

I’m looking to work with very specific traders that want to achieve very specific results.

That’s why we have strict criteria.
Reasons Why My Premium Live Group Might NOT Be Right For You.

This Requires A Lot Of Dedication
In order to be a member of my Premium Live Group you have to be dedicated, we are not looking for "window shoppers" that are only looking for 'get rich quick' type situations.  

If you have anything other than complete commitment, then this isn’t right for you.
You May Not Be Able To Afford It
This isn't the most expensive thing you'll buy but also this isn't meant for everyone so it's not priced that way.

But, in reality it’s a very affordable deal.

Especially when you compare it to the likes of the tens and even hundreds of thousands in university tuition that is supposed to guarantee you a job in a workforce filled with countless other people with the same training.

Compared to that, my Premium Live Group is a great deal. 

You’ll actually acquire a timeless skillset that will allow you to successfully trade and make money quite literally for the rest of your life, well into and after retirement.

But to join this premium level of membership, there is an accompanying fee that matches the value.
Negative Attitudes
We are a very specific group of traders, we learn and grow together and try our best to make a positive impact each and every day. If you're the kind of person that is always "having a bad day" and complaining about market conditions this might not be the right group for you.

We are looking for people that have great attitudes and can understand that we all are doing our best.
This Takes Mental Strength
I have been trading for a lot of year, I've seen the good, bad and ugly.  The one thing that holds true constantly is that the market usually behaves and we can make consistent profits over the long term.

If you're a short term trader looking to make money every minute of everyday then this might be the group for you.  If you need to constantly be in a trade so you don't feel like you're "wasting time" this might not be the group for you.

We take the long term approach, that doesn't mean every trade takes weeks and months, it means sometimes we don't take a new trades for days and days because there's nothing worth trading.  Sometimes we take short term trades, sometimes long term trades, it just depends what the market is giving us.

We never force anything...

Patience and mental strength is an absolute MUST to be in this group!
You Might Be Looking For Something "Easy" Or That Requires "Little Effort"
Look, the aim of our 12 months together isn’t for you to copy every single one of my trades and replicate my results.

The aim is for you to learn the exact methods and techniques that I use when trading, so that you can trade independently.

I want you to be able to make your own trades, apply what you’ve learned and start growing your account. 

Most people want the “Magic Pill” – this is for people who want to learn how to trade from a nearly 20 year veteran in forex so they can go on their own eventually and grow their accounts.

If you’re not willing to do the work, learn, be patient and willing to take some risk, this might not be for you.
What Do I Offer In My Premium Live Group?
Daily trade alerts
Every Day I Send Live Trade Alerts To Email/Mobile
video updates
Video Updates Multiple Times Per Week
live webinars
And Maybe Most Importantly- Two Live Weekly Webinars
live support
You Have Direct Access To Me For Help, Guidance, Learning
If you're still reading this page then I can only assume that you match the above criteria and are interested to lear how to become one of my exclusive Premium Live Members.

This 12 month program will help you become one of my top traders, you will learn things that will change your outlook on trading forever.

Throughout the year long period I will personally mentor you and how show you how to successfully trade. I call this "earn while you learn" because you'll be able to copy my trades all the while learning the methodology behind why I do what I do. You'll see and learn the techniques that have created millions of dollars of wealth for myself as well as countless traders around the world.

I’ll do this in a few different ways....
1. You will receive daily trade alerts and market updates 
Monday through Friday you will receive email AND mobile alerts from me with EXACT entries, exits, chart image, my analysis and all the details pertaining to the trade. 

You will receive this update in plenty of time to execute the trade, no matter your time zone.  Typically our trades sit as pending orders for at least 24 hours before they fill.  So don't worry if you're in Australia or California, you will have enough time for the typical entry.
2. Live weekly webinars for mentoring and analyzing
Every Monday and Friday I do a LIVE WEBINAR! This is huge, most groups don't have live interaction with their members, I want to connect with you all. During these webinars I focus on what we are going to trade for the week ahead (on Monday) and on Friday we talk about how the week went and what we learned.

These webinars are also a great way to interact with me and have a great Q&A about what you are learning and any challenges you might be having.
3. Live contact with me throughout the week
Live Contact is crucial, I think that is maybe one of the most important ways you are going to learn to be a profitable trader.

You will be able to ask me questions in real time during our live webinars AND you will be able to type me questions/comments in our members only chat.  You can send me private messages as well as participate in the group discussion.
Offer ends!